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5 Signs you hired a great contractor

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

The importance of working with accredited and professional experienced contractors is often underappreciated.

Investors and property owners with a rental portfolio should know that there are 5 telltale signs that they chose the right contractor.

  1. Excellent workmanship

  2. Satisfied tenants

  3. Lasting outcome with minimal maintenance

  4. Reasonable cost - Less is not more.

  5. Guarantee on work done.

Excellent workmanship

The quality of work should always be verified and valued. Good workmanship will result in maintenance and improvements that lasts. Create a pleasing aesthetic result and improve the value of your investment. Pick your service provider with acre and ask for references on prior clients. Google reviews and testimonials are a fast way to review the likely outcome of work to be done.

Satisfied tenants

Happy tenants, happy homeowner. Any improvements or upgrades are always a sure way to make your tenants feel appreciated. Basic maintenance and repairs can either cause great joy or great unhappiness depending on the quality of workmanship, turaround times of contractors and how quickly work is done as well as how long the repairs last. Choose a contractor that has a well proven track record and is used by various property management companies to ensure that comebacks are minimised. When work is completed, well and promptly it normally results in a positive outcome and happy clients.

Lasting outcome with minimal maintenance

Make sure that work is properly done with good quality components to reduce comebacks on work already done. Qualified contractors are more likely to provide a lasting solution and would probably also be able to provide a service completed quicker as they can easily diagnose what is required to be done to fix the problem and do the repair effectively and efficiently.

Reasonable cost - Less is NOT more.

Be prepared the the cheapest contractor does not always provide the best solution. Cheaper contractors may use parts and components that are cheap and may not have the desired product guarantees. Just because a job can be done cheaper it may cost more in the long run. Especially if the work is not properly done which may result in unhappy tenants, repeat appontments and wasted time to facilitate the process as well as other damage that may result if the repair is not done properly and a leak may for example reaccur which may cause damage to other parts of the building ie. cupboards or floor coverings. Find the balance between reasonable pricing and guarantees provided by service providers.

Guarantee on work done

Request information on gurantees on workmanship as well as components used in repairs. If the workmanship is not guaranteed repeated call-outs can cost more in the end than using a reputable maybe slightly more expensive contractor. Ask about the components used and guarantees on components and what would happen if a component fails. Guaranteed workmanship can save an investor a lot of money in the long term.

Keep paying close attention to work done on your investment property. Good quality workmanship and product will increase the perceived value of the property and even though it may not neccesarily result in achieving a higher price for your property it will definitely make it look more attractive and easier to sell.

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